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TPCS ERP/PLM Software for Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

The NextGen Enterprise Software for the Fashion Industry

The NextGen Enterprise Software for the Fashion Industry

Experience the power of a fully-integrated ERP software that is designed exclusively for Apparel, Footwear & Accessories’ manufacturers.

TPCS ERP offers cutting-edge solutions, driving innovation & efficiency, linking every aspect of your business seamlessly.

Experience the power of a fully-integrated ERP software that is designed exclusively for Apparel, Footwear & Accessories’ manufacturers.

TPCS ERP offers cutting-edge solutions, driving innovation & efficiency, linking every aspect of your business seamlessly.

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Here’s how we can Help you run a Better Business

Access products on demand, anytime, anywhere!

Digital Hub to manage Style Library with QR code. Track and share catalogues with customers.


Automatic T&A
Achieve on-time results

TPCS helps outline daily activities, ensures timely shipment, and tracks production milestones for on-time delivery.

Enhance cost visibility at every level

Integrates, captures costs, ensures procurement cost control, and tracks expenses across departments.

Sample Order Tracking
Streamline & track samples with ease

TPCS simplifies sample orders with defined stages and tracks progress for on-time delivery.

Customer Order Management
Empower your business with customer data at your fingertips

DTPCS provides complete business control, view/order history, track orders, manage shipments, improve efficiency.

Material Requirement Planning
Plan, calculate, procure

MRP ensures material availability by planning requirements based on customer orders to meet their demands.

Buy what you need

TPCS enables procurement excellence through cost reduction, efficiency, innovation, risk mitigation, and resilience.

Optimize inventory, boost efficiency

TPCS optimizes inventory with advanced forecasting, audits, FIFO prioritization, and real-time tracking for streamlined operations.

Elevate quality. Empower growth. Zero compromise

TPCS revolutionizes quality control with real-time analysis and live TV integration for on-spot monitoring.

Unleash technology, unlock efficiency and visibility

Elevate production leveraging cutting-edge RFID technology, tablets, and dynamic visual display boards for flawless and timely delivery.


Subcontract effortlessly: Outsource seamlessly

TPCS streamlines subcontracting with Material Conversion, real-time tracking, and GST compliance, ensuring visibility into pending quantities.

Make numbers work for you

TPCS catalyzes a paradigm shift in financial accounting with streamlined record-keeping, comprehensive reporting, and astute decision-making for sustained prosperity.

Draw insights from all your data

TPCS pioneers a revolution in production management with intuitive dashboards, real-time monitoring, customizable reports, and automated scheduling, and alerts.

Save time, automate with TPCS

Automate data entry, slash time by 80%, and streamline GRN creation, tech sheets, cost sheets, and BOMs through data extraction from customer tech sheets and supplier invoices.


Achieving 98% Accurate Visibility for Merchants, Sample Development & Costing Teams With ERP

  • A robust product library where all relevant information, including style details, specifications, materials, and pricing is stored.
  • Powerful search functionality allows merchants to quickly locate specific styles, samples, or cost related information based on various parameters such as product code, style name , colour or material.
  • Task management features ensures enable merchants, sample development teams, and costing teams to assign and track tasks associated with each style or sample
  • Any changes or updates made to styles, or samples, or cost related information trigger instant notification, ensuring that everyone is aware of the latest updates.
  • Centralised dashboard provides a holistic view of ongoing tasks, timelines and progress, ensuring accurate visibility across the entire process.

50% Reduction in the BoM-to-Procurement Cycle Time

  • Centralised platform enables you to create, update, and maintain BOMs in a streamlined manner, eliminating the need for manual time-consuming processes.
  • With integrated communication tools, real-time updates, and shared access to relevant data, stakeholders can collaborate more effectively, resulting in faster decision-making and reduced cycle times.
  • Eliminate manual handoffs, reduce delays, and accelerate the overall cycle time.
  • With up-to-date inventory information, you can identify material availability, plan procurement activities proactively, and reduce the time spent on souring and procurement
  • Integration with Suppliers and the supply chain streamlines the procurement process, automates the order placement, and reduces the manual interventions, leading to faster procurement cycles. 

Up to 4X Improvement in the Procurement Process With ERP

  • When procurement requirements are triggered, the system automatically creates POs based on predefined rules and inventory levels.
  • By maintaining accurate up-to-date supplier data, including pricing, lead times and quality ratings, the procurement process is more streamlined.
  • Real-time Inventory visibility allows procurement teams to make proactive decisions and avoid stockouts or overstock situations.
  • With our advanced analytics and reporting, you can analyze spend patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, track supplier performance, and optimize procurement strategies. 

Up to 10% Direct Value & Saving With Reduction in Material & Operational Expenses

  • Allows material purchase only based on order, recut, rejection and reorder level with results to control excel material stock purchase and save inventory holding cost up-to 10%
  • Cost controlled based on costing sheet – procurement team is restricted to procure materials above the costing price
  • Purchase price revisions are controlled by the costing team to revise price in the approved price list.

Up to 40% Improved Efficiency in Tracking WIP, Recut/Rework With RFID/Barcode Scanning

TPCS – this solution provides an advanced production tracking tool that includes a component checklist, component cutting plan, component cutting output, movement of crates to specific treatment areas, stitching feeding, stitching output, assembly line output, final product in FG stores, and final dispatch.

  • We have built all the tools production team needs to manage and track every stage of production, ensuring timely completion and zero waste by detecting and resolving delays, defects, and missing components.
  • Automate your daily cutting plan through TPCS and scan your cutting slips on the go
  • Configure RFID/NFC tags with a touch in cutting, treatment, which updates the visual dashboard on real time
  • Eliminate the need for manual tracking and searching of WIP, detect delays, defects, and missing components in real-time
  • Easy to feed the stitching and assembly and packing departments
  • Reduce defects – in-line, end-of line, AQL final packing stages
  • create a centralized platform for all production information and pendencies, enabling teams across your organization to work together to provide a consistent and high-quality customer experience. 


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